Barnabus Mudpatch - Street Knight of Waxminster
Hi, I'm Barnabus. Well, Barnabus Mudpatch, actually. Yes, I'm one of the Mudpatches of Waxminster, the legendary Street Knights who look after the abandoned children and bring them up as part of our huge extended family. I'm an orphan myself. I was found in a shop doorway when I was a tiny baby. 
No-one knows who my mother was, or where she came from. All I have to remind me of her is the medallion I was wearing when they found me, and I've never taken it off since. Well, only to change the leather cord, which wears out every few years, but that's all. 
I had an amazing adventure with a suit of armour ...... well, you've probably heard all about that. In the next few pages you can find out about the other people in my story. They're all really interesting people, and I learned such a lot from them!
Well, don't just sit there, start reading!
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