Barnabus Mudpatch - Street Knight of Waxminster
Captain Draxa
Captain Hragha Draxa is Lord Blodrell's captain, and his deputy in all things military. Draxa was Lord Blodrell's squire when he was only  a young knight, and accompanied him on every campaign of the Eastern wars.  Inseparable in peace well as in war, Lord Blodrell made Captain Draxa head of security in Castle Blodrell as soon as he ascended to the title. 
Little  is known about Captain Draxa as he does not speak very much, except to discuss war and military matters. 
 However, he is known to be an outstanding swordsman and has won many trophies in national competitions. He has an instinctive dislike for anything to do with magic, and would rather put his faith in a sword anytime! 
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