Barnabus Mudpatch - Street Knight of Waxminster
The Crown Wizard of Gothria - Gredlark Stedral Drazagondia - is usually known by his shortened name of Drazagon. Coming from an aristocratic family, he showed a potential for magic at an early age by accidentally turning squirrels into nuts and rabbits into grass. 
He was quickly directed into a magical education before he could do any more damage, and rapidly developed his talents. 
Wildren attended the same school and university, but after that they went their separate ways.  
Drazagon travelled the world to study with the greatest magicians of many lands, and easily became the foremost practitioner in Gothria. His talent was recognised by the king, who made him the Crown Wizard and rewarded him handsomely for entertaining at court functions, devising magical potions and providing protection from magical attack during wartime. Drazagon was always open to earning extra money by doing private work, and was thought to be responsible for several deaths during family vendettas.
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