Barnabus Mudpatch - Street Knight of Waxminster
Lord Blodrell
 Lord Estregar Endralin Blodrell is the seventy-third to bear that name, having descended from a long line of illustrious ancestors stretching right back to the dawn of recorded history.
The Lords Blodrell have always been advisers to the king, whichever dynasty has been in power. This undoubtedly goes some way towards explaining their massive wealth and enormous influence.
 The present Lord Blodrell became famous as a warrior in the Eastern wars of his youth, where he was know as "the Red Bear." This was no doubt a reference to his hair colour and his size! Unbeaten in single combat, he led the charge on the Zarneg at the decisive battle of Ungrell, and earned the present king's undying gratitude for saving his life.
It is therefore not surprising that he favours the warlike Eleanora over the bookish Elvarin.  
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