Barnabus Mudpatch - Street Knight of Waxminster
I think Wildren is some kind of secret wizard or something, even though Drazagon said he wasn't. I mean, how does he get everyone to obey him? He speaks quietly, he's always polite, he never gives orders, and he doesn't have a title like "sir" or "lord." Even so, everybody does what he says, even Lord Blodrell! 
Drazagon said he knew him at school and university, and even at the court of old king Tarralast, so that suggests he's from one of the great families. 
But can I get him to talk about it? No way. He'll talk about anything under the sun except himself.
Having said that, there's no denying that he's clever. Clever enough to be a magician himself, or a lord, or a king.......  
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