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Castle Blodrell

Castle Blodrell is the ancient home of the Blodrell family. It has existed in various forms for many centuries, each building on the one which went before it. In many ways, the growth of Caste Blodrell has mirrored the growth in the power, wealth and influence of the Blodrells themselves.

The present castle is like a small version of Waxminster, and is roughly the size of one of the districts of the great city. Its walls easily match those of Waxminster for sheer size and strength, and the Castle Guard are run by Captain Draxa on the same principles as the City Watch.

The present Lord Blodrell is the seventy-third in a long line of Blodrells, and each of them have left their mark on the castle. This Lord Blodrell's contribution has been the reconstruction and enlargement of the barracks and the armoury. As a keen student of the arts of war it is not surprising that he should devote so much time, energy and money to the military resources of the castle.

Castle Blodrell is served by the village of Blodrell Sonnet. Indeed, the village exists only because of the castle. Many times over the centuries the village has been destroyed by invading armies, but each time the villagers have taken refuge in Castle Blodrell, and rebuilt the village when the Lord Blodrell of the time had driven the invaders away.

Castle Blodrell is the principle military centre of the Regius county, westernmost district of the Kingdom of Gothria. The Lords Blodrell have proven themselves as staunch defenders of the Kingdom, and no doubt will continue to be when Elvarin eventually inherits the title.

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