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The Author

Steve Moran is an author, 

musician, actor, scientist

and ....... well, he likes to 

try lots of different things! 

He especially likes to make 

up stories, and hopes 

you like this one. 

"Barnabus Mudpatch" is a 

story dear to his heart, 

because it tells the tale of

 a boy who thinks he's 

quite ordinary, but who

turns out to be quite extraordinary!

Steve has had a

not-quite-so-ordinary sort

of life, which has included 

jobs as varied as a baker, 

a bartender, a minstrel and 

a microbiologist! He might 

still try a few more!


Meanwhile, his imagination is exercised in writing children's books. Some are already published, some are on their way there, and some exist only as ideas in his head, just waiting to be written down! He really hopes you like his world of ideas, and looks forward to seeing you there again in the near future

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