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I like Elvarin, even though there are good reasons not to. For one thing, he's arrogant. For another, he's lazy. And finally, he's not really very bright. But I've come to realise that Wildren is right about him. He is younger than he seems, and puts on an unpleasant outer shell to hide his lack of confidence.

Let's face it, Eleanora 

can do almost 

everything better than 

him, and loves to remind 

him of the fact!

But it is Elvarin who will 

have to rule in his father's 

place one day, and I 

think he finds the

prospect terrifying! I

know I would!

When I sit in on his lessons 

with Wildren, I can see

 that he has a good 

understanding of the law

 and a deep knowledge

of history. If I'm not 

mistaken, he has the

makings of a natural scholar. 

He may not be as stupid 

as he likes to pretend!

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